Service system
Service system

At present we are mainly offering two types of service: casting impregnation and fastener pre-coating.

1. fastener pre-coating(for thread locking and sealing)

When our engineering adhesives being  popular with more and more customers, in order to supply more value--added service, we begin to offer threadlocking/sealing pre-coating service. Two solutions are avai--lable, Nylon Patch and Dri-loc/seal.


Nylon Patch Solution

Nylon patch soluton make nylon material heat bonded to fastener threads. The pre-applied patch forms a tough film on the thread, increases the pressure on the threadflanks. As a result, flanks on the uncoated side of the

threads are forcedtogether. The friction generated prevents loosening of the bolt.

Thanks to high quality of plastic used,repeated adjustment of assembledthreads is possible,as well as high reuse ability. Product can be used morethan 5 times.

Nylon material: Nylon11 and etc. Application areas: elctronics, sanitary, furniture, tools, toys, fitness equipments, automobiles, motocylce, bycycle and etc..


It is a dry-to-the-touch pre-applied film for threaded fasteners. It remains inert on the fastener until assembly of   the threads releases a quick curing resin. The resin fills all the voids in the threads and cures to securely lock and seal the assembly. 


Locke513 (white), 516 (dark red) and 503 (white) maily for Dri-seal, application areas: screws in automobiles, marines, motorcycles and etc.
Locke204 (red), 200(yellow), 201 and 203 are for both Dri-loc and Dri-seal, mainly Dri-loc.

For more details please refer to our page for impregnation resin(click here)

2. casting vacuum impregnation

We are pleased to introduce ourself as one of the leading impregnator of all ferrous and non ferrous metals in 

China. Besides it, we are a leading manufacturer of supplier of vacuum impregnation resin/sealants.

For more details please refer to our page for impregnation resin(click here)

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