We are pleased to introduce ourself as one of the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of vacuum impregnation sealant/resin in China. Besides, we are impregnator of all ferrous and non ferrous metals.

We use 100% imported material for production, the product is used for sealing micro porosity in cast components such as Cylinder heads, Cylinder blocks, Air intake manifold, Alloy wheel rims, Carburetor bodies, Gear box housing, Door closers, Bathroom fittings, Power steering pumps, Gas regulators, Crank cases, Auto gas conversion kits, Valves, Compressors, Brass Faucets, Transmission cases, Water pump bodies for two wheelers, four wheelers and heavy vehicle application. 

Besides it, we seal micro porosity in sintered products, Pump bodies, Thermostat pocket covers, Filters etc. The impregnation sealant used by us for sealing porosity in casting has very low Specific gravity, Surface tension and Viscosity. These outstanding features of the impregnation sealant makes it very effective for penetration into both micro and macro porosity.



LK88C ( Loctite Resinol 88C equivalent)

Easy cleaning, excellent sealing performance.

LK90C ( Loctite Resinol 90C equivalent)

for low to medium volum production impregnating.  

LK91S ( Loctite Resinol 90R equivalent)

recyclable, other properties are similar to 90C. It requires addtional apparatus for recycling procedure.


Contact us for specifications of LK91S.

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