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We developed 3 new items of anaerobic gasket sealants. They are all cost-effective alternatives for Henkel Loctite products whilst not reducing the quality.LK573 Slow curing gasket sealant green pasteLK574 anaerobic flange sealant orange pasteLK592 anaerobic gasket sealant white pasteClick HERE to learn details about LK573&LK574C… >> MORE

What is Impregnation?

What is Impregnation? Sealant impregnation fills the voids andmicroporosity in a wide variety of materials. A micropore is a tiny defect inthe component, which has the potential to turn into a large and expensiveproblem. By cleaning and then sealing the surface of the component in a vacuum,these small defects can be filled, prolonging the lifespan … >> MORE

How to choose a supplier from China?

How to choose a supplier from China?I believe many foreign buyers care about this much. Yet it is still a headace for them. Although they are not wiliing to but for many times they are communicating with so many unqualified suppliers and sales representatives.So, how to figure it out? Here comes my opinions.Fristly, check their website. Nowadays alm… >> MORE

What Is a Threadlocker?

What Is a Threadlocker?"Threadlocker" is a general term that refers to a liquid polymer that is designed to be brushed onto the thread of fasteners, such as screws, just before they are installed. The polymer dries and locks the fasteners in place, protecting the threads against water, rust and leakage. Threadlockers are especially useful in … >> MORE

Liquid Thread Sealant or Teflon Tape?

Teflon tape or liquid thread sealant with PTFE? Advantages of liquid thread sealant1. two threaded surfaces in full contact—Sealing effect full.2.  easy disassemble with handtools3. Shock-resistant, resistant to temperature changes and various mechanical oil, non-loose, non-permeable.4. Single component, DIY easy operation.5.… >> MORE
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